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How do .tk Freenom Setup .cf, ml, ga, com, Domain 000Webhost.com

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Welcome to my blog I am here today a new topic you read my previous post?

today I give a "lesson" new and making setup a domain in "000webhost.com."
First we need to login or register for a new account at: www.000webhost.com and register a domain name that are provided free or at 000webhost www.freenom.com go and sign up to a new domain. I would recommend solved a "domain under" as early in your account 000webhost.com for free acktivizuar "free hosting".

Quote "It is only for a while."

Now do not close this tab and that of the Prophet open, open another tab and go to "https://freenom.com" log in or register .tk domain, ml, ga, cf. (Freenom.com new account)

Once you have registered your domain

Now go to manage your domains in freenom.

Once you have gone Menage domains in www.freenom.com

Sign in: 000webhostcom again.
Now view your account information 000webhost.com
How to Setup Freenom, tk, ml, ga, cf Domain to 000Webhost.com
It would seem as thatthe now we have to get the domain information from it and fill in freenom.com
As you can see my data "click" go to cpanel "then" Accunte DETALS "

Showing results will "
31,170,164,248 "
Now we're going to fill this in freenom.
Now go back to freenom.com tab.
Now click Register data (dns)
How to Setup Freenom, tk, cf, ml, ga, Domain to 000Webhost.com
Adhesive and data will be available as follows on the screen shoot:
Now you can see that there are three countries in the data (dns)
So you can subscribe edit and delete data (dns) from here.
freenom glue records
Now take the first record.
And fill it in the register as below picture.
register a glue record
Now take the second data and fill it again in the registry. See below picture.
register a glue record
registered a record (dns)
So we have done so far go in 000webhost.com and create an account with a custom domain and give your data domains (dns) have registered.
You can check your domain 000webhost.com.

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