This tutorial is written for educational purposes for new bloggers.

The aim is to assist in increasing the audience "real traffic" on the website or blog.


Organic website traffic depends on search engines (Google - Bing - Yahoo - youtube - ask etc.)

(SI to create a higher rank in the search engines)

A higher rank in the search engines always produces content of products "title or keywords" for a product that you have shared in your blog or website. This can bring a sufficient amount of traffic to a website.

Taking a higher rank it is based on the keywords used in the SEO on your site.

Example: if you have a site for games or fashion or programmim.

You can add keywords eg online games, online gaming, Horror Games, PC Games, Warrior Games or other.

But how can you find such keywords to gain high traffic?

In search engines "seo" (google - bing - yahoo - youtube - ask etc)

How to put "keyword"? In search engines: Here are some tips and tricks to find keywords SEO high traffic.

understand (SEO Search Engine Optimization)

Search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo search results obtained are usually based on Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

(And count organic traffic on the website)

Such SEOs are usually generated by websites and it helps you get the most ranking pages "search engine." Like (google - yahoo - bing - youtube - ask etc)

When you search for something online, you get some results in the search engine.

Example: if you are looking for seo, one of the results of the research can be PAGE ( to explain in detail seo techniques.

If you tendena to establish Internet connections (your site) to clicks that are located higher (seo), the importance of (SEO and SEO Keywords) helps direct nërritje to attract higher traffic to a site.

SEO (search engine optimized) usually help the site to improve performance (search engine) search engines.

On my website: /

Such SEOs contain keywords related to the topic of the website. A certain keyword is requested several times in a day in search engines. For example, if you are looking for a phone (The cost for mobile, or a tablet) or (how to create a template blogger) tend to locate your website (keywords such as "the price of Android phones 'or' phones Android free '' or 'scientific research'.

Or (blogger template free - premium blogger - create template blogger - download free template)

Key Files are these which help the search engines to come to your website.

Using long tail keywords (webmasters online tutorials) also helps us better results in search engines.

zokonisht are phrases (words that contain two, three to five words) and to help people to find specific item in the search engines.

Some examples:

To understand such keywords, you need to understand how SEO works. Using some SEO and keyword research tools, you can easily get SEO keywords high traffic.

Importance of Keywords

Effectiveness of SEO depends on the type of keywords used. SEO articles help a website get higher placement in the search engine only when they contain appropriate keywords. When you write an article on a particular topic, you need to identify the keywords and use them in the article to make it SEO friendly.

Without keywords, search engines are not able to find your website. But remember, the use of keywords is not the only factor. The density and placement of keywords also plays an important role in its implementation.

How to find keywords high traffic?

Keyword Research Strategy

"Plans are nothing, planning is everything."

To build a website durable and high traffic.

a phrase that is very important, while talking about keyword research strategy.

We seo search engine optimized

Keywords to find high traffic, what you need to do is make a proper strategy (for a key phrase).

First, decide who your target audience is and then set policies to find out how to search in the search engines (SEO).

Second, decide the approach that you want to adopt and production that you want to target audiences. Do you want to build a brand image of your website? or Do you want frequent visitors to your website? According to what you want, you should strategy in terms of generation and use her phrase.


Remember, keywords can navigate only people on your site. After that, it is the content on the website that decides the time spent by a visitor on.

It is always better to plan a set of keywords for your website landing page website. Using keywords such groups to the landing page will prove useful.

Use Keyword Research Tools

Determining the best SEOs or keywords is not an easy task. Implementation of keyword strategies can be simplified with the help of useful research tools keywords to achieve the best possible results.

keyword tools give you real keywords that are searched by users. They also provide analysis of trends in search engines. Using data centers of Google, these keyword research tools give you the right result of the use of keywords. Region specific language research are also considered ensuring correct keywords for a site.

Using these simple techniques, you can easily find the best keywords and implementing your SEO strategies.

In addition, I would suggest that you should check the keyword SEO, PROGRAMMIM, TUTORIAL. This will give you the best results for keyword searches and can be very useful for generating domain search and SEO article titles.

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