free blogger templates 2016


Best collection responsive free blogger templates to create blogs or websites 2016 that are released recently from any useful freebie blog. Though, those powerful blogger template you will see great option and responsive layouts.

Blogger templates are actually already created with further customize and use as you wish. This free Blogger Templates are getting more and more interested in using online blog templates because they have to publish blogs every day and they want just to focus on writing. Here are some examples of free blogger templates.


MEED is a great free blogger theme provides an immersive experience for the audience. It’s designed for blogging. MEED is a free Blogger template designed just for you – whether you are a blogger fashion, beauty chaser, world traveler, adventurer or all of the above, it is a very flexible and intuitive blogger theme for you. MEED has been designed to look great on any device, and to provide content in an elegant way of modern minimal.

meed free blogger templatedemo download / more info


Dens are clean and stylish magazine free blogger template response so you can focus on content, including technology, gaming, travel destinations, movies, magazines, bloggers, technical ETCS. Attractive color combination and impressed professionals and has many features and. Increasing your exposure with a focus on reducing bounce rates, this theme will keep the scroll visitors more content to maximize ad revenue for all! If you are looking for a magazine style blogger template is the best choice for you then.

dens free blogger template demo download / more info

Axact (Premium)

Axact magazines, news, sports, appropriate technology, games and multi-purpose blog, free Blogger template of modern clean, flat response. Axact is designed as a flexible approach, you can easily change the colors, different users can be defined through font size and blogger template designer.

axact-magazine-blogger-themedemo download / more info


Conversion is ideal for modern theme for Bloggers react to personal blogs or magazines. It allows the user to define very large, easy-to-use theme options featured. It is highly customization so that it can be, you can match your personal taste as well as you can quickly be converted to a multi-purpose theme. So that all devices in the cool Blogger template supports conversion reactions layout.

conversion free responsive blogger themedemo download / more info


Socio magazine is a virus that theme no longer able to launch a fully functional site such as Buzz in 24 hours. Virus on social media content is specially designed sex to go. This template is very flexible and easy to customize explain better approaches to viral news and professional blogs. We must ensure that the option of pre-optimized templates Blogger option in the Blogger dashboard from the best in the market change unlimited colors. If you are looking for a viral news free blogger template is the best choice for you then.

socio free magazine blogger themedemo download / more info


Jugas is modern, clean and minimal free blogger template to your next blog. Jugas Blogger template is created for people who want to create a minimum of beautiful online content sites or personal blogs. Simplicity in mind, all of the elements and details are designed to fit and suit your own tastes elegance. Jugas Blogger template means, the reaction of 100% for all other types of devices of different size it.

jugas free minimal blogger themedemo download / more info


Lifestyle & Fashion is clean and minimal free blogger template. It is light and bright and easy blog to showcase the beautiful style template for content. Your fashion and minimalist blog layout, a perfect choice for OOTD blog, personal blog, niche blog, blog or agency or any type of creative blog Simple magazine. It has a responsive design meaning your content will be displayed beautifully on all mobile devices. If you are looking for an elegant Blogger template is the best choice for you then.

fashion-free-blogger-templatedemo download / more info

Smart Blog

This is one easy to use free blogger template with clean and simple design. If you want get perfect free blogger theme because you’re writing a personal blog then this is a perfect theme for you due to its elegancy in design. Smart Blog is going to share your content in one of the most simple and clear ways, and everyone that shall view your work will definitely be amazed. This is very responsive theme and it is SEO optimized as well, therefore, you don’t have to worry about the popularity of your blogs, and they will be put at the very top of the search pile.

Smart Blog - responsive blogger templatedemo download / more info

Glam Up

Glam Up is what you seek if you love simplicity, because this is exactly that, a one simple and clean free blogger theme. This theme will keep your audience’s focus on you content and not just that, they will also be fascinated by the looks of it. A 100% responsive theme layout and you can easily manipulate the looks of it. Get creative and customize the looks of your website as you wish. It is also ads ready theme, and that is something most bloggers crave for.

Glam Up free blogger themedemo download / more info


This one of a kind Retina ready, fully responsive and free blogger template with modern design is the one you need if you want to become a professional blog writer. The fact that it is Retina ready makes it usable on any kind of device be that computer or smart phone, it will run perfectly. It is also SEO customized as well as ready for ads, so this is a full package. One of the ideal themes for Magazine or Blog writers that’s for sure.

Swift responsive blogger themedemo download / more info


It is a minimal and amazingly free responsive blogger template and it’s a perfect for those who seek to advance as blog writers. It is usable on any kind of device due to its responsiveness. Without any additional effort and with ease you can customize and set up the desired layout. There is also a guide included on how to use Voux and if you have additional questions feel free to contact the support, they’re at your disposal 24/7.

voux responsive blogger themedemo download / more info


The key feature of this unique magazine free blogger template is that you can easily share your work on any other social network. Its responsiveness is what makes it viable for usage on any device; therefore, feel free to use it on your phone. There is also integrated video and galleries in any kind of different posts, be that blog posts, news or media post. It is SEO integrated and that will give you great advantage in building up the popularity of your blogs as well as their reputation.

Motive responsive blogger themedemo download / more info


The Trendmag is a clean design free blogger template what every blogger dreams of, and it’s a perfect choice if you’re writing a personal blog. Fashion blogs, creative blogs, or even a simple magazine is what this template is for. The other features of this free blogger template are headline, 2 columns, verticalslider tabs and drop-down menus. You can even customize the background looks of your blogging template by choosing a particular image or just by changing the color of the background and by doing so you make your audience love your content even more.

trendmag responsive blogger templatedemo download / more info


This is yet another wonderful in design and simple to use free blogger template. With its enhanced responsiveness and lots of outstanding and useful widgets you can be sure that you blog content will be displayed the best way it possibly can. There is a HTML markup included in this template which improves its SEO and literally with its design draws people’s attention. You can see the preview before you start using it, and the creators of this template are “Vee Themes”. It is also ads ready and it has a professional admin layout which can come in pretty handy.

square responsive blogger themedemo download / more info


Personal blogger are obviously free blogger template. It is light & bright blog theme with timeless style to fit easily showcase your content. This template is very flexible and customizable descriptions are easy to access your personal blog and professional well. We have the best optimization blogger themes come with a guaranteed market, multi-author support and change the option from the Blogger dashboard Unlimited colors. This means the home page and content responsive design, there is a new improved summary script to import content to a line break will be displayed beautifully on all mobile devices. If you are looking for a minimalist blogger is the best choice for you then.

personal responsive blogger templatedemo download / more info

Square 1800

square responsive blogger templatedemo download / more info


Gridz is one of the cleanest and most creative blogger templates there is, and its Grid masonry design is what makes it so appealing. Its code is written carefully and it is very clean, thus the perfect responsiveness as well as the fast loading of the content. It is definitely a perfect choice for a Fashion blog or Magazine. The responsiveness of this free blogger template allows us to run it perfectly and smoothly on various types of devices, such as computers, tablets and smart phones.

gridz responsive blogger themedemo download / more info


The Gamer is the perfect free blogger template for those who write blogs and love games. There is also subscription box as well as custom labels featured here which will make you content and blog itself look more appealing and attractive to you audience, and even maybe increase the number of your loyal readers. The SEO in this template has been taken care of and you need not to worry at all, you will be at the very top of the search pile. Its responsive layout and navigation menu is what makes it perfect and easy for viewing.

Gamer themes for blogspot blogsdemo download / more info


Wagazine is one free blogger theme which is AD & Adsense optimized and those optimizations are what enable you to get as much profit out of your blog as you can. Another focus of this theme is to keep your audience’s attention and get you more and more audience over the time. Besides writing blogs and magazines it can be also used as a portfolio website. While it’s decreasing bounce rate and increasing ad exposure this theme will get you audience to keep scrolling and viewing your content and by doing so, it will maximize your ad revenue.

Wagazine responsive blogger themedemo download / more info


Inspirio is one of the fee blogger bootstrap templates that are a multipurpose kind of things. This blogging template will enable you to run your daily blogs with ease. Its neat and clean design is what makes it so attractive to your audience. Social profile integration as well as dedicate widgets for showcasing are also included. Of course it’s is ad ready and you can use that to gain some profit out of your writing.

Inspiro-Free-Blogger-Templatedemo download / more info


This free blogger template can easily highlight you blog with all the features that all the bloggers crave the most. Its amazing navigation menu, top-center featured logo, and perfect looking blog entries are what make it so special. The other thing that is of the most importance to all the blogger is that their audience can easily share the written content via any social network, be that Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or any other, and that feature is included in this template.

Blogstar-Free-Responsive-Blogger-Templatedemo download / more info


The Vanice is one of the super cool looking free blogger template and also one with the modern design. These two facts will definitely keep the attention of everyone that is reading you blog if you’re using this free blogger template. You can be sure that you will have the most unique looking blog and the responsiveness is 100%. The reviews of the users have rated this template as one of the best there is, and if you’re looking for one, then you should consider getting Vanice.

Vanice-Free-blogger-templatedemo download / more info


As the name states the Fashion free blogger template is the perfect template if you’re writing a fashion blog or magazine. Without any doubt, all fashion designers will be more than satisfied with the templates that are provided here. There are many different focuses of a blog writer, but if your main focus is on fashion and fashion designs, this is the best way for you to show your audience what you think or even some of the examples that you want them to review. There are also various other blogger templates that can be used writing fashion columns, and you should choose the one that suits you the best.

Clean-Blogger-Templatedemo download / more info


Another very responsive free blogger template that is also free is Couponism template. This is a high quality coupon niche template for blog writing and it has some of the greatest features for professional blog writers there is. The other features of this template are that it is SEO optimized, it has a drop down menu and it’s 100% responsive, and you can be also 100% sure of that. The drop down manu allows your readers to view the content more easily if they want to get into the detail of the topic. It is also ads friendly and includes a side bar as well as business theme.

Free-Responsive-Blogger-Template-Couponismdemo download / more info


Free-Magazine-blogger-templatedemo download / more info


Sincup is one more fully free  responsive blogger template, and that is why we are able to view it on the mobile phone as it is on the computer. This template includes 3 columns footer and 2 columns with one right sidebar. It is also clean coded, thus the smoothness it provides to your audience. Also another interesting fact is that anyone from your audience can subscribe via email, if you’re using this template. Some of the other features are auto post thumbnails, simple and magazine blog, drop down menu, personal pages and page navigation menu. It is also ads ready and the author of this blogger template is VeeThemes.

Sincup-Free-Magazine-Blogger-Templatedemo download / more info


Velocity presents itself, as quite the perfect minimalistic free blogger template. Holding a strong magazine style layout, this template is packed with visually responsive features; each making your blogging experience all the better. The entire concept design is highly customizable (columns, colours menu bars etc.), which when paired with your creative talents, would most certainly translate into a smooth and engaging user experience.

Velocity-Free-Magazine-Blogger-Templatedemo download / more info


Minimal-Free-Responsive-Blogger-Templatedemo download / more info


This is definitely one of the cleanest and minimalist types of free blogger templates there is and with its responsive design it is perfect for blogging or even magazine writing. It is ads ready so you don’t need to worry about that. The fast and smooth user experience is what you will love the most about this blogging template. It is also powered by Option Framework and it is very customizable and flexible. There are two styles in which this template is available for use and those are Light header style and Dark header style. Another thing you should know is that if you blog post is equipped with one to four images then it will be shown as a slide and if it’s more than five then it will show the grid image on the homepage.

Outfit-Fre-Clean-Responsive-Blogger-Templatedemo download / more info


Everything that a young and creative blogger writer needs in order to focus on his writing is a blogger template and especially one that is free. This is one of the most amazing free blogger templates there is because it features auto video and images thumbnails as well as auto scrolls. The simplicity of its post page is extremely effective in terms that it gives you more space to customize your ads and related post widgets on your blog. There is a free version, but there is also the paid version, and only for $5.99 you will get the full licensed version of this template.

Fabulous-Free-Responsive-Blogger-Templatedemo download / more info


Toniq is on stylish and clean type of blogger template with a professional design and it’s great for anyone who wants to make a perfect website. There is absolutely no category of writing in which this template can’t be used. Therefore, if you’re writing about sports, entertainment or personal blog this is a perfect choice for you, and you will definitely be satisfied with its service. It is SEO optimized and ads friendly which is of most importance to all of the blog writers. There is also a paid version available and the price is only $6.95 and you will get some additional features if you get the paid version.

Toniq-Free-Responsive-Blogger-Templatedemo download / more info

Sky Blog

This is a captivating blogger template that is loaded with a modern style; certainly befitting any trendsetting blogger’s personality. This beautiful development comes from the hands of Sora. The Sky Blog Blogger Template is indeed a clean and well laid out, color based responsive blogger design. It has also been optimized to be highly user friendly. This template would fall perfectly into the listed niches: News, Magazines, Fashion or even Personal blogging.  Apart from allowing freedom with its customization, it is 100% responsive to any interface, ensuring complete compatibility on any device.

Sky-Blog-Free-modern-blogger-templatedemo download / more info

Deep Views

Deep Views is one of the highest and most responsive of the free blogger templates, presenting a clean, yet stylish, and very modern look. It was developed using mainly HTML5 and CSS3. The Deep Views Free Blogger Template is definitely the best choice for any of the listed niches: personal blogging, Entertainment News, Fashion Magazine Designs also holds a design powerful enough to highlights the Portfolios of Graphic Designers, Artists, or Photographers. The Deep Views Blogger’s Template design is very user and editor friendly; goes hand in hand with your content to grasp and keep your viewer/subscriber on your blogsite while easy to manage and customize on the backend.

Deep-Views-Blogger-Template-Free-Downloaddemo download / more info


The Fast Mag Blogger Template is indeed a lightweight yet responsive design. Created specifically for the avid writer, or dedicated journalist, its simplistic design is exactly what is desired when you want complete and utter focus on your content and content alone. Photographers who have very strong portfolios, would also find use of this template.
Because of its low digital weight, this template loads up quickly and makes the customization and content uploading process all the faster. Fast Mag is a template loaded with features that make it quite compatible with any interface; as well as versatile, as it can also be use on WordPress.

FastMag-Free-responsive-blogger-templatedemo download / more info

Social Mag

If you are looking for a blogger template that is heading for the stars, then the Social Mag blogger template is the one for you. Heavily developed to present a Modern User Interactive Experience garnished with an intriguing futuristic – like interface. Anyone interested in this template, will find that is has the necessary features that are key when designing a Photography Blog or Magazine based website. Social Mag, keeps in line with its name as if holds features that create a seamless integration with Social Media, giving all your viewers/subscribers/users the ability to easily share your content. This in turn boosts your internet exposure and interest.

Social-Mag-Free-Blogger-Templatedemo download / more info


Scoop is most certainly a 100% retina responsive free blogger template, that can operate on any bootstrap network as well as more modern technology. This blogger template was created for the women who want to solidify they stance in the digital world; presenting the perfect foundation for any Travel Blog, Outfit of the Day (OOTD) Blog, Fashion/Entertainment Blog, Photo Journal Blog, Personal or even Food Blogs. The Scoop template surely holds all the necessary features to dub it the Blogger Theme of the Year!

Scoop-Multipurpose-Free-Blogger-Templatedemo download / more info


The Creative Blog Blogger Template, presents as a fully multi-style Portfolio Template. It was designed with the creatives of the world and online in mind; given features that would bring across any portfolio in a powerful yet visually captivating light. Designed with a full-width homepage, it makes viewing your portfolio even better, giving users the chance to feel a part of your artwork/images. Apart from being the perfect template to show off your hard work and talents, it can also be the utilized in the form of a wallpaper based website.

Creative Blog is actually the only blogger template thus far that was designed to be exceptionally interactive. Although it is mainly a portfolio based website, it can definitely be used as a Personal Blog. The combination of the Black, Dark blues, and greys, lays on a professional tone, while ensuring the pop of colour comes solely from your portfolio; no distractions. Certainly one of the best Blogger Templates to date.

Free-Responsive-Blogger-Template-Creativedemo download / more info


Gossip is a free blogger template, targeted toward the modern day, entertainment niche blogger; it was developed with both Bootstrap and HTML5 technologies. Gossip perfectly captures the essence of OOTD (Outfit of the Day) or Fashion Trend Blogging enthusiast. The design and the development of this template is so intricate, as it literally got down on a psychological level. It captures all the necessary subliminal and visual cues potent enough to attract and keep attracting your viewers/subscribers. Similar to a visual magnet. The responsiveness of the framework of the Gossip template most certainly makes it highly adaptable to any device interface.

Gossip-Magazinedemo download / more info

Classic Tradition

Classic Tradition is a multipurpose blogger template for the blog lovers, photography enthusiasts, and travel, food and health bloggers. We have maintained the simple design in this blogger template to make your blogging experience very awesome. This template is packed with some cool customized widgets which helps your blog look more professional. SEO part of this site has been improvised properly so that your blog gets satisfactory traffic.

Classic-Tradition-Free-Travel-Blogger-Templatedemo download / more info


Are you an Avid Gamer or lover of games and want to share your niche with the world? No matter the Genre, from FPS (First Person Shooters) to MMORPG or Lifestyle based games, this Free Blogger Template grasps onto anyone who ventures onto the site it’s used on. The Power Game is a highly Responsive and viewer engaging Blogger Template that offers every possible feature anyone within the gaming niche could appreciate. It is also perfect for Search Engine Optimization. If you want to maximize your audience interest in your content, then this Template is the one for you.

Free-Responsive-Blogger-Template-PowerGamedemo download / more info


The CockTail blogger template is similar to its name in the sense where it brings across a power house of built in features but an elegance in appearance; due to the level of customization freedom. CockTail is template your website/blogsite needs to bring your niche across with style. Being 100% responsive and compatible with any device interface (Desktop or Mobile). The CockTail Template is also browser ready and SEO ready, so it can stand up to being used in most of the modern browser types. (Google Chrome, Rockmelt, Firefox, Opera, Safari, Comet etc.) What does this mean? It means that your visitors will completely enjoy surfing your blog. So just as you can create a Cocktail for any personality type, CockTail can be customized to fit the tastes of any Niche. Give it a go!

CockTail-Free-responsive-blogger-templatesdemo download / more info


Attitude is free blogger template that truly brings across the fierceness and creativity bound within the Beauty niche. It was created especially for DIY makeup blogs, hairstyling/informative hair blogs, fashion forward websites; in general fitting neatly the needs of any female targeting Niche. Every single element of the Attitude Template is well designed and crafted to make your site represent the chic professional in you. This in turn allows your audience to regard you with seriousness and boosts the exposure of your quality content. Built and developed to adapt to any interface and device, you can be assured, the women on the go can still enjoy your content, without issue.

Attitude-Free-Beauty-Blogger-Templatedemo download / more info


Mimes Blog is a multi-purpose and retina responsive blogger template for the professional bloggers, the food or health and wellness oriented, even photo journalists and blog type photographers; although it fits quite perfectly into the niche of any blogger who likes the style of this template. Loaded with a variety of excellent features and custom added as well as Search Engine Optimization. Making this one of the Free Blogger templates able to really bring in the necessary traffic to your site.

Mimes-Blog-Free-Blogger-Templatedemo download / more info

Arcade Mag

There are those who focus on the modern gaming world, and then the select few who cherish the way Arcade games paved for the newer ones. For those deeply involved in the Arcade Niche, Online Gaming Niche, Software Sales etc., the Arcade Mag blogger template is definitely for you. Developed with a robust framework, to be a highly responsive template, filled with features necessary to boosting audience interest and enjoyment of both your site/blog and content. The learning of coding is unnecessary with Arcade Mag as the developers made it so, that in as much as a few clicks, you can have a very successful website/blog; being also Ad ready and Search Engine Optimized, you can be assured that you will be making any desired residual income. With this great Template, great responsibility must be wielded.

Arcade-Mag-Free-Gaming-Blogger-Templatedemo download / more info


Wilder Creative is a free blogger template targeted to the creative minded individuals. Ideal for all niches but better suited to those who like to bring visual appeal to their content. Developed to be Search Engine Optimized as well as contain elite custom added widgets (carousel Sliders, Random Post Widget, Newsletter Box Widget and the Recent Post Widget) Wilder is indeed quite a phenomenal template. Although somewhat simple in appearance, it provides the perfect canvas for the creative at heart.

Wilder-Free-Creative-Blogger-Templatedemo download / more info


Techism is the brain child and materialized development of Mashable and; this free blogger template is 100% elegantly retina responsive template. Its visual futuristic style and wide array of built-in widgets is definitely suited to those within the technology or multimedia niche. Those who want to relay serious news articles may also find this template useful. or news portal blog. The robust framework and SEO readiness it holds, ensures your blogs/websites look amazing, while ranking excellently in online search results.

Techism-Free-Responsive-Blogger-Templatedemo download / more info


BetaCommerce is certainly the best ecommerce template solution for online small business owners/entrepreneurs, to quickly and efficiently create and setup their online store. Within mere minutes, the business owner/entrepreneur can start selling their merchandise with utmost ease. The BetaCommerce Shopping Blogger Template, most logically provides you with several, yet equally appealing customization options. The simplicity in the use of the Admin panel along with multiple e-commerce widget options, truly makes this template a one of a kind. If you desire to boost your online presence, BetaCommerce is most suitable for you. The use of this template can be what adds revenue to your business while broadening your client base.

BetaCommerce-Shopping-Blogger-Templatedemo download / more info


If you are an avid video blogger and you want to add an extra source of personalization to your brand (yourself) VebTube is indeed the best choice in blogger templates for your blog or site. It is a very simple yet retina responsive template for all ranges of video bloggers (from Amateur to Professional). This vlogging template was developed with 3 of the more popular video streaming and hosting sites; YouTube, Dailymotion and Vimeo. This template helps cut down the time you take to choose a template, by automatically generating the thumbnail images, so users can click whatever they would like to see. This vlog template supports 3 famous video hosting sites. YouTube, Vimeo and Dailymotion. It will automatically generate thumbnail images and show in Home Page and Archive pages of your blog. Boost your Vlogging exposure and select the VebTube Template for free.

Vebtube-Responsive-Video-Blogger-Templatedemo download / more info


Movieism is truly the perfect, more stylish of Free Blogger Templates focused on boosting the viewer experience within the Entertainment/Movie Niche. Built within a separate framework of HTML5 and CSS3. This template is most certainly the unique yet captivating look you need added your website or blog site. Appropriately designed for any blog in the movie niche; Movie review Blogs, Cinema blogs, Movie Promotions Blogs, Film Blogs (amateur, Sun Dance Festival etc. With Movieism you can create custom homepages Being the most responsive of Movie Niche Templates, it is definitely the best choice for drawing in and keeping your audience forever intrigued by your website and most certainly the content.

Movieism-Responsive-Blogger-Templatedemo download / more info


The Real Mag Responsive Blogger Template brings across a modern appearance and a professional yet user friendly approach to the template world. Its visually clean and well laid out appearance suits the fancy of bloggers in almost any niche. Coming loaded with an arsenal of excellently chosen features as well as popular built-in widgets, it makes the perfect, seamless foundation to run a successful blog or website.

RealMag-free-professional-blogger-templatedemo download / more info


Signature is the most responsive and complete of free Blogger templates, worthy of any news blog/site or magazine blog/site niche. Its signature design was purposed to not only attract visitors but convert them to followers of your content. with the focus of attracting and keeping visitors on their site. Utilizing some of the best, clean Search Engine Optimization practices, it is recommended to rank you well in any search result. The Signature Blogger Template is also quite fast and very easy to use. It is built to present any if not every typographical element; as each has been tirelessly tweaked and formatted to fit and adapt to any screen size/device interface while maintaining its appeal. Signature stays true to its name, by providing that Signature of Excellence necessary within any news or magazine niche.

Free-Blogger-theme-for-a-news-or-magazinedemo download / more info

Icon Mag

Icon Mag is a complete Mobile ready, Search Engine Optimized friendly as well as and advertising ready Multimedia/Magazine/Portfolio type Blogger Template. This multipurpose template is perfectly suited for anyone who desires to showcase a portfolio of work; mainly designers, artists and even UI or UX developers. If you desire a 100% responsive, stylish blogger template then look noo further as Icon Mag is what you need. Solid in functionality on any interface, makes this the perfect template for any of the aforementioned blogger categories.

Icon-Mag-Free-Responsive-Blogger-Templatedemo download / more info


Newspaper is an upscale and premium free blogger template, with many unique excellent features and modern widgets to truly bring across a fantastic user experience. True to its name, the very simple yet, content focused design behind the layout, is best suited to blogs/websites within that particular niche.

Newspaper-Responsive-Blogger-Templatedemo download / more info


The Life Hack Blogger Template is a completely responsive and highly adaptable to any device interface. The responsiveness and speed of this blogger template makes it very well suited as the great foundation for any news/magazine based blog/website. It can even be used within the business niche, only upon the removal of the magazine based widgets available, to add that visually serious tone regarding the topic area.

LifeHack-Free-Responsive-Blogger-Templatedemo download / more info


Set with a rather beautiful design alongside fantastic functionality, the Engaged Blogger template is a rather visually dominant and clean styled template. Well suited to keep your audience engaged in your content; this makes it perfect for content focused sites/blogs like, magazine based, writer oriented, news or journalist based. The Engaged blogger template will definitely help you to keep and maintain audience interest.

Engaged-Blogger-Templatedemo download / more info


Simplify cannot get any simpler, with its minimalist, yet user friendly layout design. This blogger template can mainly be utilized by the personal bloggers, or those who share their journals online. Keep readers interested in your content and that alone, with this well suited blogger template.

Simplify-Clean-Free-Blogger-Templatedemo download / more info


Xmax is one of the few multi-purpose one-page Blogger templates. Fitting pretty much every personality type / taste in visual digital style, Xmax is the perfect way to maximize your company’s internet presence. If you are a User Interaction or User Experience (UI/UX) developer, this would be the perfect playground to let your skills speak volumes. Showcase your designs, draw in a client base with the visually tantalizing design of this template. Xmax comes with several high quality features (Location maps, custom sliders, featured posts, stick header among many others) that truly compliment the functionality of the template with little to no flaws present. Being 100% optimized for mobiles, it creates brilliant adaptability on any interface and any device. This is a top notch, elite Template for those who are within a calibre of developmental greatness.

Xmax-free-one-page-portfolio-blogger-templatedemo download / more info


GAG99 is one of the latest additions to the free blogger template collection. This highly retina responsive blogger template will help you maximize on your website’s/blog’s ability to display top notch images/videos, with the best quality. Functioning with a grid type layout, it makes for a pretty decent user friendly experience. As it is designed to be content focused, you would be hitting balls out the park with this template. Don’t miss the opportunity to showcase your best stuff and keep your audience wanting more!

GAG99-Free-Galley-and-Video-Blogger-Templatedemo download / more info


If you’re within the Travel niche, the Journey Blogger template will be well suited to you. This Blogger template was designed to relay in a captivating way, the lives of those who travel around the world. Intent on bringing across your photographs with quality and utmost beauty. The high functionality and personalized design with regard to the ease of use of this template, further adds to the lifestyle of the traveller pressed for time; those who would rather quickly share with the digital world and get back exploring the real life one. If you love travelling and would love to find a way to maximize your perspective of the world, then Journey is the best blogger Template for your blog or website. The grid layout cohesive with the fluidity of its responsive display, allows your readers the complete convenience while reading and enjoying all of your blog posts.

Journey-Free-traveller-blogger-templatedemo download / more info

Personal Mag

There are many a clean laid out templates, but with regard to the personal blogging niche, Personal Mag takes the helm. Personal Mag is ideally a design for bloggers who focus on the Artists/Painters, gallery, Museum, modern art type blogs/websites; who’s main purpose is to spread news and stories, even current information surrounding their niche, all across the web. It is completely responsive, making it highly adaptable to any device your blog/website is loaded up onto. The high quality features of the Personal Mag Blogger template make it one of the few extraordinarily designed templates out. Customized with many currently used widgets like, a Brand slider, Google Maps, featured advertising spots, related posts, social share counters and hosts more.

Personal-Mag-Blogger-Templatedemo download / more info


Weblog templates is back at it again, with VIPfolio. This 100% Responsive Blogger Template is one of their best Portfolio type templates. Designed with the self-titled Very Important Professional Designers of the digital world in mind, the simple and minimalistic visual approach of this template makes it the perfect digital canvas for any artwork. Show off your hard work and skills with little to no effort at all. After all your niche is design, so there is no need to worry about any coding issues; the customization aspect is indeed worthy of those who want to do much without too much digitally mathematical effort included. Want to display your creativity like a genius without too much effort in doing so? VIPfolio is what you need.

VIPfolio-Responsive-Portfolio-Blogger-Templatedemo download / more info

Awesome Mag Blogger

Mag Blogger is both a highly Search Engine Optimized as well as Social Media Optimized free blogger template. A template that is so virtually loaded, while being 100% retina responsive and customizable in design, puts it at the top of the list. Mag Blogger is built with a grid style to its design, leading it within a direction of visual cleanliness and boosted content focus. It is loaded with many advanced features befitting the most avid of bloggers or content oriented.

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If you own a business blog or magazine website and you’re interested in boosting your online visibility and audience interaction, the WebLogMag Blogger Template is best suited for your needs. Running in as a completely Responsive template with a professional and serious tone built into the very core of the design. The Weblogmag template comes with a variety of top of the line features, decent enough to ensure and solidify maximum user experience. Revamp your current business blog/site with WebLogMag as your digital foundation.

WeblogMag-Responsive-Professional-Blogger-Templatedemo download / more info

Modern Mag

Bring across your News, Information, Gossip or Miscellaneous content with modern style and visual class, using the Modern Mag free blogger template. This 100% retina responsive template, is boosted with high functionality, necessary for the reader who wants to truly enjoy your content. Designed for those who relay only the best content, this template will definitely help you set the tone among your audience, for being the best source of information for them. Although this blogger template has the ability to suit any niche, it is mainly targeted to those who can use its true creative power.

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Folio Card is another top notch, highly responsive Bootstrap 3.1.1 developed and interface adaptable Portfolio blogger template. Best used by those within the Crafting niche who really want to show off their skill set and grow their online business opportunities. This visually organizing oriented free blogger template, will help to set you apart from the rest of the pack, giving you and your talents the spotlight it deserves. Time to showcase yourself and your brand, let the world see what you’re capable of with FolioCard.

Foliocard-Responsive-Portfolio-Blogger-Templatedemo download / more info


Picsalad Responsive is a unique yet greatly optimized free responsive blogger template. Picsalad is best suited for those who are personal bloggers or even those within the professional niche. The Picsalad blogger template is best known for being a social media blogging template. If you have solid content and great high quality images, you are sure to draw in a bigger audience when using this template as the foundation for your blog. Picsalad has quite an attractive template that can even be somewhat subliminally enticing; pair this with your best written work and prepare for an expansion in your digital exposure and elevation. Picsalad is used by the best and those who want to be the best.

Picsalad-Free-Responsive-Blogger-Blogging-Templatedemo download / more info


Standard Simple, is quite simply put, a minimalist targeted blogger template. Developed by those at Weblog Templates, it is definitely intended for Writers and Journalists. Built to be responsive and adaptable to any device interface, Standard is truly the right option for those who are deeply content focused.

Standard-Blogger-Template-Simple-Responsive-Blogger-Themedemo download / more info


Gagism is a Responsive Blogger Template that’s designed to provide a Futuristic User Interface, specifically for image/video gag and meme websites/blogs. The developers went all out, with the implementation of a fantastic and easy to view content management system, for all the gag and meme lovers on the internet. It is quite difficult for most to launch a gag/meme website or blogsite due to the lack in available template, befitting that particular section of the entertainment niche. Gagism however, has taken up the mantle and created this foundational template for those people in particular. This template comes loaded with a customizable Rating System, a button that selects Random Posts from the site, social media sharing buttons and a lot of other elements surely to be appreciated by the gag/meme enthusiasts.

Gagism-Responsive-Blogger-Templatedemo download / more info

Dynamic Mag

Dynamic Mag is quite visually practical. This blogger template has a simple 3 column layout with a sidebar off to the right and 3 columns making up the footer area. The visual simplicity in color of this template is not really fitting its name; (White, Grey along with Blue) but it gets it dynamism from its developmental features. Created for responsive designs in mind, it truly went all out with enhancing navigation with BreadCrumb and being SEO ready; making page to page navigation smooth and almost fluid. The Dynamic Mag blogger template comes Social media and bookmark ready, which is perfect for any one stumbling across your blog or website via search engines. This Blogger Template also provides ample opportunity so you can even have Ads for monetization on your site/blog. I would say, this puts the Dynamic Mag Template a couple notches above the rest.

Dynamic-Mag-Responsive-Blogger-Templatedemo download / more info

Wedding Mag

This Blogger template was designed with those grounded in the wedding niche in mind. Whatever services or products you have to sell/offer; the Wedding Mag Responsive Template is exactly what you need. Keeping within the ambience of wedding emotions, the design and layout of the template, visually embraces it. Although this template, perfectly fits the website needs of a Wedding enthusiast, anyone really can repurpose this template for their niche. See, the beautiful framework and user friendliness, can fit to the design or customization of any website desired. If you’re not the more apt regarding things within a digital space, this blogger template is most suitable for you. It requires literally no programming or development skills; intermediate developers would like it and advanced developers can use it as the foundation for an amazing website.

Wedding-Mag-Responsive-Blogger-Templatedemo download / more info


ShotMag-Minimalist-Blogger-Template-for-Photoblogdemo download / more info


BlogTube-Professional-Video-Blogger-Templatedemo download / more info

Grid Pin

Grid-Pin-Responsive-Masonry-Photography-Blogger-Templatedemo download / more info

Brand Mag UX

Brand-Mag-UX-Responsive-Blogger-Templatedemo download / more info

Flat Mag

Flat Mag responsive blogger themedemo download

Red Hood

Red Hood Free Portfolio Blogger Templatedemo download

Flat Diary

Flat Diary Free Premium Responsive Blogger Templatedemo download / more info


Vortex responsive blogger templatedemo download


Dynamo Multimedia Free Mashable Blogger Templatedemo download / more info


Free Education Blogger Templatedemo download

25 pixel

25 pixel Free Photography Blogger Templatedemo download / more info

Blue Blog

Blue Blog responsive blogger templatedemo download / more info


responsive blogger template - Fabricdemo download download / more info


 Soundstage responsive blogger template For Bands Musiciansdemo download / more info


GoGGoGreen responsive blogger templatedemo download


Videoism responsive blogger templatedemo download download / more info


G-Fashions responsive blogger templatedemo download / more info


WebDepot responsive blogger templatedemo download download / more info


Folio360 responsive blogger templatedemo download


Ajbspot-Responsive-MultiPurpose-Blogger-Templatedemo download / more info

Those are some examples of what free blogger templates you should use, and make sure you choose the one that suits you the best. They exist for a single purpose, and that is to make you focus more on you writing and less on designing and setting up your blog. Therefore, the main purpose of these templates is to make you all better writer, don’t forget that. These are free templates and there are also those who can be bought. The paid version offers you greater service, but you can do everything you need with these free versions, it just takes a little bit more work.

Written by Graham Bill is a front end web developer and designer specialized on coding php, HTML5, CSS3, jQuery, JavaScript and especially on development website templates and WordPress themes.


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