Starting from nothing to having your very own personal website that is accessible to anyone on the web is a huge leap. We know some people like to take the process slowly, step-by-step before investing in real web hosting. So, we compiled a short simple list of the best free web hosting sites that you can join and get free web hosting completely free. Each with it’s own unique edge. Some free web hosts has cPanel already incorporated, some offer more disk space and bandwidth, some free web hosts are known to reliable, and some are great for it’s simplicity. For whatever reason you may like a certain web host listed below, is guaranteed to deliver.

Note that this list of the best free web hosting sites has NO FORCED ADS whatsoever and enables you to use your very own domains free of charge.

  1. Blogger – Blogger enables anyone to easily create their very own unique personal blog completely free under the .blogspot sub-domain. If you have your very own personal domain name already, you can easily adjust it so it will reflect your new domain name instead of the .blogspot sub-domain. Knowing that Blogger is run by Google, you can forget about worrying about web space.

  2. Webs – Webs offers anyone the ability to create their very own website within minutes!  With the tools that comes equipped with registering with, it makes it easy for anyone to personalize their own website.

  3. Tumblr – Tumblr is just like Blogger except is simplicity at it’s max. If you are a person who plans on creating a blog, using Blogger or Tumblr can easily supplement the job. Tumblr also accepts custom domain names just like Blogger.

  4. Weebly – An ad-free alternative to easily create your own website or blog within matter of seconds is with Weebly’s advance site building tools. Weebly’s advance site building features emphasizes on being beginner friendly. Which means, basically anyone can customize and add features to their Weebly page without any prior coding knowledge.

  5. DotEasy – DotEasy’s simple free hosting plan enables new webmasters the ability to use up to 100MB of hosting storage and 1GB of data transfers (bandwidth). The plan also comes equipped with the ability to create 10 e-mail accounts and host 10 add-on domain names.

  6. Mister – Mister free web hosting plan supplies new webmasters the capability of using up to 250MB of disk space and 5GB of bandwidth. No problems. No hassles. No loopholes.

  7. 000WebHost – 000WebHost has been the leading free web host for sometime now. With the surplus features that 000WebHost supplements web host users, you almost think it is a paid web hosting. 000WebHost offers 1.5GB of disk space and permits 100GB of bandwidth usage every month.

  8. AwardSpace – AwardSpace free web hosting plan offers 200MB of disk space and 5GB of bandwidth. Also allows FTP access, domain hosting, and more.

  9. FreeHostia – FreeHostia’s Chocolate free web hosting plan offers the best of the best. Offers 24/7 customer service, 250MB disk space, 6GB of monthly bandwidth, and comes equipped with 40 1-click install scripts completely free.

  10. x10Hosting – 500MB of disk space, 10GB of monthly data transfers, cPanel feature, GD library installed already, FTP access, sub-domains, add-on domains, parked domains, and many features more.

  11. Byethost – Byethost offers free tech support, MySQL databases & PHP support, FTP access, the ability to create your very own forum and much more. Enables 5.5GB of disk space and 200GB of monthly transfers.

  12. 0Fees – A professional free web host alternative that offers much more than free web hosting. 0Fee’s servers comes equipped with a cluster of powerful web servers that are all interconnected to act as one super computer. This advanced technology is unheard of especially in the market of free web hosting. 0Fees offers 300MB of disk space, 10GB of monthly transfers, comes with PHP with MySQL databases, and allows up to 5 sub-, add-on domains.

  13. 110MB – 110MB offers 110 disk space, up to 100GB monthly transfers, and offers 24/7 customer service. 110MB is a ad-free web host.

  14. 50Webs – 50Webs enables unlimited domains to be hosted on their servers. 60MB of disk space and free FTP access control. Comes equipped with an easy to use control panel with full 24/7 customer support.

  15. HostHelpers – Disk space 1GB, 10GB of monthly bandwidth, and comes with the ability to do Cron jobs.

  16. HelioHost – HelioHost free web hosting plans comes with 250MB of disk space and 2.5GB of monthly bandwidth. COmes with cPanel with FTP access.

  17. HostCell – Free full featured cPanel hosting with PHP, Perl,, Java, and more. Comes ad free with FTP access. 300MB of disk space and 5GB of bandwidth.

  18. 000Space – 000Space comes with a Vista build in control panel. Allows up to 50 mySQL databases, 50 domains, phpMyAdmin, and access to a FTP account. Comes with 5.5GB of disk space and 200GB of monthly transfers.

  19. My3GB – 3GB of disk space, 30GB of bandwidth, 2 MySQL databases, and PHP scripting with no forced ads. Comes with FTP access as well.

  20. JustFree – JustFree is a great free web hosting alternative that gives users a generous 80GB of disk space to store HTML, PHP, MySQL, graphics, and other web related items. You also get the full ability of uploading whatever script your heart desires. Comes with an abuse prevention system to detect abusers too. As long as you aren’t flagged for suspicious behavior, you may use up to 80GB of bandwidth in a single month.