15 Best WordPress Weather Plugins

To enhance their website appearance, any webmaster can find an ideal weather pluginfrom the heaps of weather forecasting plugins available on the internet. Be it either a travel niche or a news publishing website, you must display the current weather information to seek the attention of your visitors. These plugins can be either placed in a single post by directly installing or users can add it via the shortcode.

Provide complete weather information to all your potential visitors by installing anyone from the below highlighted WordPress Weather plugins.

Easy Weather Widget

Easy -WordPress Weather Widget

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This Easy Weather widget offers a widget that can be useful in displaying the weather information. While installing the widget, as a user you need to simply enter the US Zip code and save it. The entire weather information will automatically get displayed on your website.


Wunderground -WordPress Weather Widget

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Get accurate weather information on your site’s sidebar by installing this Wunderground plugin. This plugin makes use of the Wunderground API to collect information and predict the future forecasts. It’s a perfect choice for various regional websites that want to share brief information about the weather at place from where they are blogging. Even the travel websites and yard services websites can utilize this plugin.

WP Forecast

WP Forecast -WordPress Weather Widget

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This highly configurable WP Forecast plugin will accurately show the weather information available at accuweather.com. The weather information can be either displayed on the sidebar or any web page or within the posts. Users can even customize the vital weather information that they want to depict on the website.

My Weather

My Weather -WordPress Weather Widget

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With wide array of designs, layout and colours, users can choose anyone combination to display the weather of current city on your site’s sidebar. Users can even customize the weather information by selecting the Centigrade or Fahrenheit and they even configure the text and background colour of the weather widget.

Weather for us Widget

Weather for us widget -WordPress Weather Widget

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With this Weather for us widget, users can keep track or view the instant weather updates pertaining to their location on the website. Users can forecast the weather information in different units and display the info in an eye catching way to grab the visitor’s attention. This weather widget can be either placed in the footer part or it can be positioned on any of your sidebars.

Awesome Weather Widget

Awesome -WordPress Weather Widget

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This outstanding plugin lets users to add an exceptional and beautiful weather widget onto the website. To get the exact weather information for a specific location, users need to enter correct location. While displaying the weather information, users can hide few weather stats like humidity and wind etc. In order to override the default colours on widget, users can insert hex colour to the widget.

Weather Slider WP

Weather Slider WP -WordPress Weather Widget

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This Weather Slider WP plugin holds a powerful weather API that can be helpful in displaying the weather in 48 different types. Through this plugin, weather information relevant to multiple locations can be shown on a single slider. Due to its complete support to localization, the entire plugin can be translated into any language. The custom location search bar will let users to search for their desired location in a simple way.

Bonobo Weather Widget

Bonobo -WordPress Weather Widget

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This outstanding weather widget will display the weather information of any specific location in 22 different types. From 8 unique colour schemes, users can pick up anyone colour scheme for the weather widget which is to be placed on the website. It displays weather information in both °C and °F formats. This WordPress compatible plugin works well with all browsers.

Weather Widget 3

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This jQuery driven Weather Widget 3 plugin will display the entire weather conditions and future weather forecasts of various places for next 4 days on your website. The weather information is displayed either in Celsius or Fahrenheit units. The colour pertaining to the weather icon can be customized in a simple way.

J.B Weather Widget 2.0

J.B. Weather -WordPress Weather Widget

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This J.B Weather Widget makes use of the Ajax technology to show off the weather conditions at different places on the different globe. The search bar will let visitors to enter a city or location to get the weather information of that particular place. This plugin will display the current day’s date along with temperature and wind speed.

WordPress Weather Forecast

WordPress Weather Forecast -WordPress Weather Widget

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This WordPress powered weather plugin will make use of the GeoIP database to detect the location and display weather of that location. It showcases weather information in both Celsius and Fahrenheit degrees. To offer better experience for the visitors, the site owners can add some images. This plugin will even predict and display the weather condition of next 4 days of the week.

PHP & WordPress Weather Forecast plugin

PHP & WordPress Weather Forecast plugin

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Install this weather forecasting plugin on your website to display the current weather condition of any place and you can even show the next four-day weather condition in an elegant way. Visitors reaching your website are provided with a special option to change the temperature format; they can set it either to 12 hours or 24 hours format.

Simple Weather

Simple Weather -WordPress Weather Widget

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It’s an outstanding WordPress weather plugin that can be embedded onto the website via a shortcode or a widget. On installing this stylish plugin, all your visitors can keep track of the weather conditions and can effectively plan their trip. This easy to use plugin will provide you the weather updates of upcoming 14 days from the current date.

Weather and Weather Forecast Widget

Weather and Weather Forecast Widget

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This WordPress powered widget will showcase the weather information in multiple languages like English, French, German, Irish, Polish and Spanish etc. On enabling this widget, users can beautifully display the current day’s temperature on the home page and can even set the weather forecast of next nine days of any specific location on the world.

Skysa Weather Widget

Skysa -WordPress Weather Widget

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To seek the attention of all your visitors by displaying the regular weather updates relevant to their location, install this Skysa Weather Widget which automatically creates a Skysa bar on your website to depict the


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