The Top 5 Cloud Companies with Large Free Service Plans

When choosing an online storage provider it often comes down to “how much space”, over “how many features”. Not everyone is interested in paying a monthly subscription fee for ample room. To help out, here are five cloud storage companies with large free service plans.

cloud companies with large free service plans
Free Cloud Storage Providers© Incloud drive

Five Cloud Companies with Large Free Service Plans


A cloud storage company  that offers 50GB of storage for free, is (Editor Rating: Overall Rating). This company is not only known for their generous basic service plan, but also its commitment towards customer privacy. Due to the massive server allocation for free accounts, there is no way to earn more room without paying for an upgrade.

Mega© Mega
Unlike some cloud storage providers, Mega offers end-to-end encryption for all customers, resolving privacy concerns. In addition, clients can set bandwidth speed limits to help cut down on how much the program uses.

Other features include the ability to upload whole folders via any browser and to share data with anyone. The desktop sync allows users to include only files with specific keywords.

However, there are a few downsides to Mega. The bandwidth has a limit of 10GB, and once it’s used up users have to wait 30 minutes for a refill to continue. Also, there is no way to set passwords for shared files or folders.

PlanPrice PlanStorageDetails
$ 4.99 Monthly

$ 59.88 1 Year
$ 49.99 (-17%)
200 GB1TB Bandwidth.
Pro I
$ 9.99 Monthly

$ 119.88 1 Year
$ 99.99 (-17%)
500 GB2TB Bandwidth.
Pro II
$ 19.99 Monthly

$ 239.88 1 Year
$ 199.99 (-17%)
2000 GB4TB Bandwidth.
$ 29.99 Monthly

$ 359.88 1 Year
$ 299.99 (-17%)
4000 GB8TB Bandwidth.
FreeFree50 GB

2. Firedrive

Firedrive also gives users 50GB of free storage off the bat. Once again, there is no way to earn additional space without a paid account.

FireDrive© FireDrive
They do offer the same features to their non-paying customers as they do paid accounts. These features include:

  • Unlimited groups for easy file sharing

  • Multiple files uploading via a browser

  • Creating onetime download links

  • Upload via FTP

  • Sharing folders with family and friends even if they are non-members

  • Ability to view 150+ file formats without downloading them

  • Uploading videos and photos from mobile devices

Users can also set up “Filedrop” folders which allows for file uploading without logging in.

There are some downfalls to Firedrive. Whole folders cannot be uploaded through a web browser, there is no dedicated mobile or desktop app, and files sizes are restricted to 1GB per upload.

3. ADrive

ADrive no longer offers 50GB of free storage. Read here for more details

(Editor Rating: Overall Rating) is acompany that believes in free storage. Customers with non-paid accounts get 50GB of server space. Thanks to this generous allotment, the company does not offer ways to gain a greater capacity on free accounts.

ADrive© ADrive
ADrive offers standard features such as access from anywhere, mobile applications for Android and iOS, and file sharing with anyone. They also have easy-to-use search tools, document editing, and remote file transfer. However, because many of their accounts are free, users do have to put up with ads.

PlanPrice PlanStorageDetails
FreeFree50 GBNot encrypted. Not recommended for important files.
Personal Premium
$ 2.50 Monthly

$ 30.00 1 Year
$ 24.00 (-20%)

$ 60.00 2 Years
$ 45.00 (-25%)

$ 90.00 3 Years
$ 60.00 (-33%)
100 GB
Personal Premium 1TB
$ 25 Monthly

$ 300.00 1 Year
$ 250.00 (-17%)

$ 600.00 2 Years
$ 225.00 (-63%)

$ 900.00 3 Years
$ 300.00 (-67%)
1000 GBMore plans available.

4. OneDrive

(Editor Rating: Overall Rating) is another generous provider of free storage. Users get 15GB of space — no strings attached. Additional room can be earned by activating automatic camera roll uploading on mobile devices and getting friends to sign up. Each referral earns the customer 500MB more, with a limit of 10 referrals. Granting a total capacity of 23 GB.

OneDrive© OneDrive
OneDrive offers users the ability to access data anywhere and share documents with anyone. Other features include mobile access, creation and file editing within the cloud, built-in integration with Office, real-time co-authoring, multi-factor authentication support and automatic document versioning.

PlanPrice PlanStorageDetails
FreeFree15 GBWill be replaced with 5GB free plan in 2016
$ 1.99 Monthly
100 GBWill be replaced with 50GB free plan in 2016--costing $1.99
$ 3.99 Monthly
200 GBWill soon also be replaced by the 50GB plan
$ 6.99 Monthly
1000 GBComes with Office 365

5. MediaFire

(Editor Rating: Overall Rating)offers users 10 GB of space free upon sign up. While that might not seem like a lot at first, there are ways to get more storage at no cost. Customers who refer friends, download software and apps, and post links on social media can earn up to an additional 40 GB– for a total of 50 GB.

Media Fire© Media Fire
MediaFire has many handy features which are also a big draw. Users can upload large documents, each limited to 25 GB. While there may be a restriction on file size, no such limitation exist on how much information can be transmitted at one time. Stored data can be shared with anyone, even if they don’t have a user account.

PlanPrice PlanStorageDetails
FreeFree10 GBFree with limitations (ad supported). Can be increased to up to 50GB with referrals.
$ 4.99 Monthly

$ 59.88 1 Year
$ 49.99 (-17%)
1000 GBLong term 50% off promotion, for 24.99$ per year.
$ 49.99 Monthly
1000 GBStorage up to 100TB. 50% off promotion. Includes 100 user accounts.

However, while these are great features, users may be annoyed by the advertisements that MediaFire displays. In addition, there is no way to control bandwidth speed during file transfer. And, customers that do not sign on at least once a year, risk losing all their data.

These were our top 5 picks for the most generous free cloud storage providers, we hope you’ll enjoy using any one, or several of them. Got any suggestions or alternatives you think we should know about? Share them in the comments below.


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