How To Earn Money With Twitter In 1 Day – Do you need to start earning some quick money? Well I’ve been there and It can feel like everything is against you, so to help you out and show you that you’ve got loads of options I’m going to explain how to earn money with twitter within 1 day, this is really handy if you need quick cash or just want to get that buzz from earning some extra money. Either way this tutorial will be easy and I’ll try to keep it short and simple, if you enjoy then please comment and tell me what you think. – Remember to share.

How To Earn Money With Twitter In 1 Day

Go and follow this guide:

Before you start this tutorial you need to go and follow this guide on how to get twitter followers, it will tell you everything you need to know about getting loads of twitter followers in a short amount of time.


How much can you earn

With the how to earn money with twitter guide you’re only held back by how much time you’ve got, if you’ve got 9 hours a day to work on getting money with twitter then course you can earn $$$ every single day but, if you only have 30 minutes per day then it’s going to be hard to really maximize your earning abilities.

I would say that even with 30 minutes a day you’ll most likely still be able to make around 10 to 20 bucks with this method and hopefully once you see how easy it is to advance in selling things and getting clicks then you’ll most likely put more time into it.

How To Earn Money With Twitter In 1 Day


What you need

You’re going to need a few things to do this guide perfectly, make sure you go and sign up for these now.

  • Twitter account with profile and bio

You want to make your Twitter look as nice as possible, that’s why I always recommend checking out the how to get followers post.

  • ShareASale Account

ShareASale is just an affiliate program that works pretty well with Twitter

  • My Likes Account

Mylikes is where most of your quick money will come from. You just post links to highlyclickable posts and get as many clicks as you can.

  • Fake followers

I recommend you go and buy 5000 fake followers on your Twitter account, this will just make it easier to follow people without being banned, it also gives a much higher chance of people following you back. I found that it sped up the time it took for me to reach 10 thousand real followers dramatically.

Make sure you write down how many followers you’ve got after you get the fake ones just so you know what’s real and what’s not.

  • PaidTweets

Just a site that will pay you money for people to tweet on your twitter. You can earn around 5 to 10 dollars per day if you’ve got a few followers and if you get more followers you can earn triple that.


Okay so once you’ve made all them accounts and started sorting out your Twitter profile, you can now go and buy the followers, this is just to give your twitter some content and make it seem a little more popular than it is.

Once you’ve brought the followers you need to follow the how to get followers guide and start building up your follow networks, this will help you stay ahead of competition.

Once you’ve started building followers up now’s the time to start tweeting, okay you’ve got two options:


 Option number 1.

You make a profile account which will get more followers but not be related to any niche, this means that you can sometimes get double the followers, but not really have any direction for them followers.

This can make it a lot harder to sell things and make it hard to make any real money with a twitter account.


Option number 2.

You create a themed account, this could be funny theme, gaming theme, news theme, anything. Just go and see what affiliate you can get your hands on and then create an audience that’s geared to that.

It just makes it easier to earn money because you can promote things that are based around your theme, instead of just random deals that nobody will click.

You can decide which one of these suits you the best, I usually go with option 2.


After you’ve picked

You now have to sit down and write out 50 to 100 tweets, funny, cute, annoying, rude, or trending tweets, these tweets are what will make your twitter popular, so make sure you give it your best.

This bits important: You then have to pick a good affiliate from ShareASale, go and have a look at what they’ve got and pick a range or products you want to sell. I usually only try to sell from one site at the beginning just to make life easier.

After you’ve picked your affiliate then you need to write another 40 tweets talking about it and linking to it. After you’ve done that you just need to queue all the tweets for a few days just so you can focus on building followers.

How To Earn Money With Twitter


The next stop on this list is Mylikes woo, woo.. I’ve talked about mylikes a lot and you can earn a nice amount of cash from sites like Twitter, Tumblr and Facebook, so you should always keep an eye out for it.


What is mylikes

It’s just a site that will give you links to high profile picture sets and articles and let you advertise it and earn up to 5 cent a click sometimes even more. You’ll end up promoting things like: The hottest Katy Perry pictures and Facebook fails. This stuff all has a really high click through rate and earns good cash.


How to earn money with mylikes

It’s not hard you’ve just got to go and copy 20 web links off my likes and just add them to the queue, this means you’re now earning 2 types of income and not having to do much work at all.

This will earn even more money if you have multiple accounts working with each other.



Another fantastic way to earn some cash through twitter is to set up a blog that has affiliates, Google adsense, mylikes ads, etc. This means you can lead them to funny posts on your blog through twitter and then they earn you even more money.

I always find you’ll earn more money from your own blog ads on your social networks than anywhere else, so this is a highly powerful platform for earning extra cash.

If you want to earn loads of money with how to earn money with twitter then make sure you go with option 2 above just so you can make a blog that’s themed. If you want to make a .com blog then make sure you follow my how to make a .com website for $14 with no code. 



So once you’ve got all the above sorted and you’ve picked your affiliate and all your tweets are queued it’s time to really start focusing on affiliate marketing.

You want to push your affiliate promotions all over Twitter so make sure you tag them right and make the text highly clickable, be contestant and even message people you follow and see if they’ed be interested.

This all comes together to be a nice way to increase affiliate earnings and clicks tomylikes ads.



Earning money from Redirects isn’t really worth it, it used to earn a lot of cash but now it’s ended up being more spamy.

All redirect do is when you click a link, it takes you to another page where you watch an ad for 5 seconds then move onto the page you wanted to visit, you can earn 3 cents a person but the drop off rate is seriously high.

I use to get my redirects and they seem to work really well, it’s just a little hard to really earn a lot of cash from Redirects. This isn’t one of the best tips in how to earn money with twitter.


Posts – High profit niches – How To Earn Money With Twitter

I usually try to make an account in a high profile niche, say Football in Untied Kingdom is a really big deal so if you set up a football profile and sold Fifa games at the best price and promoted a football blog which will be created by you, also you can sell football gear like shoes, shine guards, outfits and practice tools.

Just niches like that will really earn cash and if it starts going well then you’ll be able to earn a living through twitter and then turn it into a blog and then a YouTube and just keep adding new profit models onto your business.

Another tip to picking a high profit theme is to look at what trends all the time, funny tweets get trending a lot but they don’t really earn any money so you want to see what other things get a lot of attention and then just make accounts for them things.

How To Earn Money With Twitter In 1 Day

What you need to post

I always recommend posting content related to the below topics even if you’re in a strict niche, it’s just because people love to laugh and love to find something new so if you follow some of the post types below it will really help you get some viral tweets and some more followers.

  • Funny

Funny pictures are always going to do well on twitter and the more funny they are the better they will do, if you look at viral memes and just tweet about them then you’ll start building up a following and then you could even try your hand at making a meme yourself.

  • Pictures

Pictures are always good to post, just add a nice caption that’s either cute, funny or interesting and then you’ll be onto a winner.

  • Vines

Do it for the vine, go and look at vines and find the new up and coming ones and then post them with a funny caption. These go viral all the time and can lead to a lot of instant traffic to your blog/ twitter profile.

  • Niche related content

As I said above, just post themed content and you’ll be grand and most likely do just as good as all the funny posts.


Bulk account creation 

I will admit that you need to learn a little about account management to really get the most out of how to earn money with twitter.

You need to set up about 10 profiles to start earning serious money and that involves a lot of work. So I’d recommend starting with one, then two, then three and so on.

If you do it this way then you’ll end up getting better at managing them. Once you’ve got 10 profiles with 100,000 thousand followers you’ll be earning some nice cash and be able to really build a new little network of blogs and sites all linked to twitter.

So start small and aim big, you’ll make it with no problems and then be able to show off what you’ve worked for, so put in the hours now and make sure you comment below and talk about your journey in getting your first dollar off you twitter account.
How To Earn Money With Twitter

How To Earn Money With Twitter

How To Earn Money With Twitter In 1 Day  – Lets make some money! I’m ready to and because you’re following me on my journey so I’m going to lead you in the best way I can, so if you need any advice or help then please just use the comments and I will try to explain things a little better. I’ll even give you a Skype chat if you need extra help. – Please share with your friends


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