As a security professional, I frequently find myself cringing at dozens of little things that employees do every day. I say things like: “Don’t click on that,” or “Your Adobe Flash is way out of date and full of serious security issues.”

When an employee makes a security slip-up, they can instantly set your entire organization up for a painful and damaging data breach. While some employee actions are malicious, I also know that most security missteps are unintentional—perhaps not even realized. The ramifications, however, of even a very small security mistake can be huge.

So to help you protect your company from becoming the next cybercrime statistic, here’s my list of the Top 10 security blunders that your employees and employee-like users are inclined to make—and that you need to guard against.

Top 10 Security Blunders Your Employees Make That Open You Up to a Data Breach:

Opening malicious email attachments
Running outdated software
Visiting shady or compromised websites
Falling victim to social engineering attacks
Using weak passwords
Sharing passwords
Managing passwords poorly
Using personal consumer-level cloud-based file sharing sites
Failing to protect laptops and mobile devices
Taking company data with them when they leave
While employees are human and prone to mistakes, employers can do a lot to minimize the security blunders that are common today. Training is important, but so is having a system specifically designed to monitor user behavior and accounts. If logon credentials have been stolen, for example, their use must be detected before the situation escalates into a serious security breach.

Traditional network security tools are not effective in helping security teams identify or mitigate the bad acts of employees or the resulting use of their stolen logon credentials. Fortunately, the new breed of user behavior analytics has been designed for this specific purpose and has proven very effective in protecting businesses against everyday employee security errors.



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