Get 75 Euros of free advertising budget to start using Google AdWords. Follow the steps below to redeem your voucher.


How can I use this code ?

Surf to and click “Sign in”;
Follow the steps to set up your advertising campaign
Select the last option in order to create a new account.
Once you are logged into your control panel, you can enter your abovementioned promotional code as follows:
Click on the “Billing settings” link in the “Billing” menu.
Enter your code in the “Redeem a code” field under the “Promotional codes” menu option.
Click on “Redeem”.
Check your balance under “Billing Summary” on the “Billing” tab. The amount appears as a service adjustment.

Special offer conditions

This offer is only available for customers with an invoicing address in Belgium and the Netherlands. Only one promotional code per advertiser.
This is how you can activate this offer: Enter the promotional code in your account before 31 December 2015.
Receive the AdWords advertisement voucher: Start advertising as soon as you have entered the code. The advertising costs that you will incur in the next 31 days (taxes not included) will be returned in the form of a promotional voucher with a maximum value of 75 EUR.
As soon as conditions 2 and 3 will be met, the advertising credit will be visible within about 5 days on the “Payment overview” of your account.
Advertising vouchers only be used for future advertisement costs. Advertising vouchers cannot be used for costs that have been incurred before the code was entered.
You will not be notified when your advertising budget is used up and additional advertising costs might be invoiced via your chosen payment method. If you wish to stop advertising, you can suspend or cancel your campaigns anytime you want.
Your account should first be successfully invoiced by AdWords and stay healthy to qualify for the advertising voucher.
You can read the full general terms and conditions on:


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