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Hello, thanks for visiting. I’m Ambasador Koders, a computer technician by day and a freelance web designer by night. I have been hooked on web developing since 2008 and started teaching myself the basic of HTML, CSS, JavaScript, XML, and PHP.
I graduated from ITT Technical Institute and received an Associates Degree in Computers and Electronics Engineering Technology and a Bachelors Degree in Electronics and Communication Engineering Technology. During the time at ITT Technical Institute, started working as a Help Desk Engineer with Accent Computer Solutions and Tech Rockstars former known as (Price Enterprise), helping customers/clients with every day computer solutions.
After attending at ITT Technical, I started experimenting with WordPress.com at first and realized that WordPress.org can be used to create and modify websites for free. During that time experimenting with WordPress, I have learned as much as possible about PHP, CSS, HTML and JavaScript and am able to create a website or blog with these tools.
I am currently a Theme Reviewer at facebook.com Theme Review Team. If I’m not around, mostly you will find me posting pictures of my newly son.

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