Remove Credit Link From Blogger Custom Template

Templateism, Bloggertheme9, Themeforest, Templateify, Way2Themes etc. are professional blog designing groups providing high quality free and paid version of templates. Their free version of templates contains credit links which is quite hard to remove. Because they add a function in JavaScript code to check their credit link into the template. If you remove the credit link then your webpage will redirect to their website by the function added into JavaScript. So if you remove the function then you can remove the credit link. Now the question is which function I have to remove? And where is the function?

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The template designer adds this function with other functions and the convert the JavaScript code to Hex or other format. So first you have to unpack the JavaScript to string format and the beautify them. I suggest you to use unpack version of JavaScript code. Most of cases the function added at bottom of JavaScript. The function is look like this:
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$(document)["ready"](function() {
    $("#credit")["html"]("<a href="Designer website’s URL">Designer website’s Name</a>");
    setInterval(function() {
            if (!$("#credit:visible")["length"]) {
                window["location"]["href"] = "Designer website’s URL"

Remove the function. Be sure that after removing this function the last function ended with “;” (semicolon). Because each function in JavaScript ends with “;” semicolon.

Remove credit link from custom template

How to unpack and beautify JavaScript code?

You can unpack and beautify JavaScript online. Some websites will help you to do this.

Note: Check all JavaScript of template. Sometimes designer add this function with all different JavaScript. I hope this tips will help you. Comment us your experience. Please don’t leave any external link into comment box. If you want help from us for your template then email us from Contact us page.

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