Chinese manufacturer Xiaomi is unsurprisingly getting into the drone business (who isn’t?) – and a new teaser in its own forums indicate we’ll hear more details on May 25.

The posters are in Chinese, but this much we can make out: there’s going to be an announcement at 7 PM local time on May 25 about a quadcopter. There’s also an additional flyer (pun totally intended) showcasing a toy propeller.

“The surprise doesn’t just end here. Something wonderful and cool is flying to us very soon,” the moderator who posted the teasers wrote on the Xiaomi forum.

Previous leaks suggest that the drone may be controllable via a wearable device, and will offer 4K video recording. Rumors anticipate it to be a high-end device as well, so don’t expect a budget drone out of Xiaomi at this time.
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