Recent Notepad ++ 7.3 Final is one of the best software that you can use to edit the source code very easily and quickly also can be downloaded for free of course in . Your software crack users often play games with source code, of course, requires an application that you can use to edit the file. If you use a regular notepad you will not be able to edit the source code file, therefore you should download and install  Notepad ++ Recent so you can edit the source code file, for example hosts.file and many others.

Recent Notepad ++ is the latest version of Notepad ++ to repair some bugs are still present in the previous version. This software supports many programming languages and is accompanied by a wide range of interesting features, among which separates and edit source code that is so, syntax highlighting, edit many files at once. What are you waiting, soon you download Notepad ++ Final this right now and edit your source easily and quickly.

Some features of Notepad ++ Final

  • Ability to open multiple files in one window and not call them by opening the software again

  • Display command-syntax of programming languages, different color

  • Ability to view, edit multiple documents and text files simultaneously

  • Support multiple languages ​​Including Farsi Menu Software

  • Regular search and replace text feature

  • Ability to zoom in and zoom out on the text

  • Support for Programming Languages

  • Supports the ability to Bookmark

  • Having a WYSIWYG editor.

  • Macro Recording and Running

  • Compatibility with a variety of windows

  • Low volume application

  • Fix JavaScript block Not Recognized in the HTML document.

  • Fix Hanging on exit of Notepad ++ issue (update DSpellCheck for its instability issue).

  • Add "Google Search" command in the context menu.

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