CPU-Z 1.77 is the latest version of CPU-Z that serves to determine all of the information about the hardware in your pc or laptop with detailed and accurate. By using this software you can find out the type of CPU, VGA brands, complete information on the motherboard, and the Windows system that is installed in your pc or laptop. For those of you who want to know the full specifications of the laptop or computer you are using, then you can use the application CPU-Z Newest who share this admin.

Program CPU-Z Gallery does not need to be installed, so it will not add a burden on your computer or laptop. You just need to run software CPU-Z Gallery and then all the information about the hardware and the windows system will be explained with great detail and accuracy. In the latest version is already fixed a few bugs that are still present in the previous version as well as increased accuracy in detecting the hardware and system of windows.


  • The compact and very easy to use software and users

  • Including the show cpu type, speed

  • Show Profile cpu and the amount of pesticides used in its cache

  • Show details such as manufacturer of motherboards, chipsets, models

  • Show Profile Bios version and date of manufacture

  • Graphics card specifications and its speed

  • Show a detailed profile of RAM used on the system


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