how to enable https to blogger

How to enable free blogger domains to https

Let me give you a suggestion as to why it is necessary security enabled "https - the domain".

Into details regarding security a "Website" always should be noted that minimal and maximal security for a safe online blog. Above all today is security, and transparency. Now follow my advice "https always helps websites to rank the first in the search engines for a particular product or file online.  https "provides a relief and a seo (search engine optimization page) the best of your site, Once such spaider Search giant Google is that the first of those lists that are of Certified sites with https: Once this is offered as table safe internet users.

HTTPS is made (web standard) and one of those practices that every webmaster should follow.! HTTPS is a great opportunity for the security of your data because it encrypts data transferred between the user and a site. This protects them from common hacking practices such as data sniffing or weakness of a ubesajti in nowadays.  I do not get much in the technical side of it, but let me quickly give you an overview of how HTTPS is useful for the safety of users like you and me. HTTP (Hyper-Text Transfer Protocol) S (safe) When you open a site by using the HTTP protocol, or submit an online form, your data is transferred in plain text and a hacker could use tools sniffing for capture data transmitted and check the information you submitted. Sometimes that includes the username and password. When you log on to a website that uses HTTPS, the transmitted data is encoded and your information is secure. This is one reason all banking and e-commerce sites are using HTTPS from day1. The following image shows the difference between HTTP & HTTPS protocol:   Now follow me # Free activation "https - the domain blogger". The first step entered into the official website blogger, then click login     #Foto 01 Select the blog to update. Follow picture 02 In the left menu, click Settings> Basic. Follow picture 03 On the right, select Yes under "HTTPS"> "HTTPS Redirect." # That's it for this lesson See you in good were other lessons

This tutorial is to provide the platform for webmasters Blogger blogger “”

See example:

Website is offered by “blogger google”

And support “https” and allows free (safety in the blog.)

What do is “https” (Hyper text transfer protocol secure)

(HTTPS) can activate the Ladies in evey blog, you first have registered with the blogger.

Guidelines on how to activate the “https” in the blog (

Enabling security for blog



How to Enable HTTPS For Your Blogger Blogspot Blog?

The first step click on

Sign in to your account “blogger”

Go to (doshboard)

Then “setings”

See the photos :

Quote “https” in your blog page rank rank higher in search engines

Full Activity see Photo 1:

In picture 1 is an example of how to activate or allow the activation (http) to (https) so it shows how combated by (no) to (yes)

Photo No. 1

See the photo two full activation

So the solution is let (https) by clicking mi yes

Picture No. 2

having https enabled on your blog or website you can get a higher rank in the search engines, because in 2014 declared google HTTPS as a standard practice and an official search engine ranking factor.

a detailed article for https

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