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In this lesson we will share our experiences, about how to create a blog using "free and hostinger freenom free domain hosting, use" E platëformes WordPress ". To create a professional WordPress blog!

1. first you have to prepare the domain and hosting,

In for free domain.

In for free hosting.

In this case we are using a free domain and hosting provided by free offer from

As we know that the TDL domain Freenom (Dot TK), you can get free for a year, and hosting services from you can even get it for free. In this way we can create a WordPress blog hosting proffesional themselves without spending a penny or large.While using their hosting, you can not create a proffesional blog, you can also create professional websites for your business of course without spending a penny.

In connection with the hosting domain must go through two stages, Dot TK domain registered in Freenom and sign up for free hosting with hostinger. Below is the full steps are detailed.

Here is How to Register Internet Domain in Freenom:

1. The first step, please visit advance to register a free domain.
2. Please enter the desired domain name, for example:
3. If the domain that you signed is available, it will look like the image below.
4. On the menu more information please ndryshuni it in 12 months, free without paying any money, your period is longer domain a year.

If you have, please click (Order now.)
5. Then you will see your orders directly please just click (Go).
6. In this step, you must verify your email address, please enter your e-mail address in the column that is provided.

See the picture below:

7. If you have, please click (Check your e-mail), then you will receive an email in the email that marked above, you now need to enter your email address to verify your account. Click the link that is provided by Freenom, then you will be directed to checkout page.
8. In this step, you fill your identity and create a password to log into your account and do not forget to give consent to the Terms of giving list.

Once you have completed the steps above have from the turn of the last in order to setup domain.

9. Now it is the turn to subscribe click on the "yes", please click on (Complete Order).

Now you've managed to get a free domain from "domain Freenom free". The next step please register in for hosting free hosting.

How to Apply for Hosting idhostinger:

1. The first step, please visit the official website
2. Now it is the turn to register a free account, clicking on free hosting, register and fill out your details in the picture below:

Now here a picture with details on registration hostinger

Once you have registered your account in hostinger, log in to your mail electronically for verification and activation ber of your account, view email sent from hostinger and click on the link aktivate.
3. On the main page, please select the new Hosting.
4. Please choose a free hosting package, and then click Sort.
5. In this step, you are asked to change the type esubdomaintë field. In the column domain fill the domain name registered earlier than Do not forget to fill adh password. Please see picture below.
6. If you have, please click Continue.
7. In this step Capthah Please enter the code and give consent for the provision of services by providing checklist users. If you please klikoniRendit.

8. Up here you have successfully registered with a domain hosting but its status is still active. Please click apda then select the domain to manage.
9. Then you will be redirected to Cpanel. Once you get your domain Cpanel will get a warning that even though you are not yet connected meNameserver idhostinger.
10. To view the idhostinger nameserver please select Details.
11. Now that we have seen her Nameserver.
12. Sekrang Freenom go to the dashboard and zgjidhniFushat> My Domains
13. Then select Mange Domain.
14. And please manage zgjidhniMenaxhimit Tool menu> Nameserver.
15. In this step please select Use custom nameservers (enter below), then please write nameserver idhostinger ago. See the picture below.
16. If so, then please click
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