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Part 1The first step to go in Notepad or any other program code and create a "html document named" (index.html)Once you do it, then placed the codes given below to get the results that worked.evey product we html regulation must be placed within the CoandaExample how to put the title of the titlethis rule is <title> Page Title </ title>So always must put Main Products komandav to pick up within the desired image
Signs or commands used in processing and forming a page always based on HTML, ENGLISH (TAGS)<Html> ... & lt; / Html & gt; document to HTML, this tag should be written at the beginning and end of each document<Title> ... </ title> Document Title<Head> ... </ head> Top of document<Body> ... </ body> The body of the document<Ask your body = "......" gt; page color document, the name of the color ... ...... For cilessua a word or phrase in a text.<H1> .... </ h1> text uppercase and wide (mainly used in the top of a page<H2>
.... </ H2><H3>
.... </ H3><H4>
.... </ H4><H5>
.... </ H5><H6>
.... </ H6> small text cards close... Thick Texti... Text in italics... Text underlined... Changing the type of recovery... Font size where X is a value from 1 to 7text color, where color ... ... .. is the name that we want<Big> ... </ big> text with a larger font... </ Small> letters <small> small text...Centron every element is in this tag<Code> ... </ code> text format "codes"...section<P>
... </ P> points in space<BASEFONT> ... </ BASEFONT> type shronjave<Quote> ... </ cite> Text awry<Marquee> ... </ marquee> texti mobile-left-right<P>
.... </ P> Writing listed<P>
.... </ P> to write the score to the right<P>
.... </ P> to write for aligning the center....written in the center.... When a word written text should emphasize certain(Writing mode changes compared with the rest of the text).... And so it is this command to set a word of Italian writing (handwriting)Coman is this so we can use a text Last year, about writing certain to be used throughout the text..... Used when writing a word document and a certain movementslightly below that of the other words in a row.... Used when writing a word document and a certain movementslightly higher than the other words in a rowTexti ,, used for formatting or when Texti equations (NOtag, it stands for "preformatting" is mainlyused to display the code, mathematical equations, these things, you will see how it looks when you try it for yourself.It's a nice little tool. I like to use only the basic tags, and said that I like to touch it with textual tags later.)<Code>, used when writing or in a one-page will show a code<Kbd> keyboard input ;, <tt> text fax; <Samp> Sample text <var> text variable computer; <Note> can be useful tags.They are not used often, they are soft to know about good, f you're serious about HTML, and these commands (or signs, tags EnglishThey have the same function with the sign (tags) <code>.<Html><Body><Cuts> AL </ abbr><Cuts> KS </ abbr></ Body></ Html>Commands (tags) <abbr> .. </ abbr>, used to make shortcuts on your website, but they will Shofie your siteThey can work in this article. (You can use this to create text, soft crack can When people see cuttingTheir stated hover the mouse, it can work the other way around as well. )<BDO>... ..</ BDO> this command (tags) has a little humor when someone reads the text is written back page (try to understand) lol.... To quote a text in HTML<Q> and it is so small quotation mark (This quote the text in HTML, try this out.If you want to quote someone for something, just use the tag and do not forget to complete it: pThere is also a <q> tag for "short quotes", try it out. )<Del> .... </ del> <ins> .... </ ins> using both signs (labels) when we want to make changes to text(Or when we take a writing forum and a question is wrong)(<Del> creates some interesting HTMLand<Ins> enter the correction of the <del><Acronym>; Is it better to use the mark (tags) abbreviations that made money in the country, which helps the search engines,we brosuer (good for <acronym> tag Before abbreviations, search engines will pick up on this, give checkers Will,Even browsers, it is only proper HTML is all. )Signs: <cite> <DFN> Definition <<< <samp> <KBD> <var> is better to use your work style (???)to create websites as rich and powerful (tags: <cite> <DFN> Definition <<< <samp> <KBD> <> varare all optional, it may be best to use to create rich style of the text instead of using these tags)Some of the more subtle signs of a KOPY used simply register and save as index.htmlhere;<Html><Body>Highlighted textStrong text<DFN> Definition term </ DFN><Code> computer code text </ code><Samp> Example computer code text </ samp><Kbd> Keyboard text </ KBD><Var> variable </ var><Cite> Quote: </ cite></ Body></ Html>and so some signs here;<Html><Body>Here comes a long quote:This is a long quotation. This is a long quotation. This is a long quotation. This is a long quotation. This is a long quotation.Here comes a short quotation:<Q>This is a short quotation.</ Q><P>Note: blockquote element, the browser inserts line breaks and margins. Point does not like anything special.</ P></ Body></ Html>The first partAdmin: Inc-seo ( 2016 </ title> </ html>
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