How to start to make money with adsense. (Without spending anything)

How to apply for an account "adsense"

1 The first step you must have a website example " or free blogger blogspot" "

2.Blog or your Website must be in "English" because that is the language that is recognized by "google adsense"

because you have a website or a blog.

Follow these guidelines.
3.Shtoni some articles in your blog.

(Items must contain "text, photo, video) article  yen should be clear and explained in detail.

Example "Items can also add link link or profile of the author".

Items shall be in different topics yen and written by you, "the owner of the blog" must therefore unique content yen.

Note "copy paste prohibited articles"

     As this may conflict with the politics of "google adsense" and could lead to refusal of approval or acceptance for a google adsense.

Once you have done that you told them we go above it and register an account for "google adsense" putting your real details.

Se examle in screnshot :



3 Phone Number

4 Address or the street where you live

5 City or country where you live

6 Country Postcode

7 add the url of your website, eg

8 add your email address @

"Do not forget to select the options blog on google application adesense"

   Do not forget your data should be accurate.

After you have done registering for an account "adsense".

 Wait a few days until accepted or be reviewed your account and are accepted in "google adsense"

1. Once you have chosen a topic that you are interested, the first things that should have been traffic.
2. Enter the unique items (not copy) for "content is king".
3. Make some video about chosing themes and place videos on YouTube, facebook, google +, twitter or websites or other online forums, while containing adrsen of your site. (Http:// - http: / /

Upon approval of your account in "google adsense" you can add some ads that can "google adsense" in various formats.

and codes

Adsense should carry on your website or blogin.

Warn them, "Do not make clicks on" adsense "on your blogin, as this can cause interruption of your account" google adsense "

(Quote from google adesense)

"The cost-per-click (CPC) is the AMOUNT you earn Each time a user clicks on your ad. The CPC for any ad is Determined by the advertiser: Some advertisers may swear Willing to pay more per click than others, Depending on what they're advertising. "

Make shift finally link with other webmasters.
Add new contents in your blog every day, two or three posts per day in order motorrve that search spiders to come to the blog / your website every day to indexuar contents of your blog,

All this brings traffic to your website.

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