Creating categories in blogger "page - label and post"


Creating categories in blogger "page - label and post"

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How can you create your posts on Blogger sites in katgori in various static page>
 example: homepage - tutorials - programming etc.
Tags :, homepage, is a statke on your blog page.
and gives the possibility that positions take place at this site or another site
and it shows that your messages are special web-page static.
 example is provided here on my website> /
  examples are static main menu

 look screnshot No. 1

Since Google introduced the "pages" in Blogger, people are complaining that their posts all go on
 "Homepage", and wondering how to put posts on different sites on their blog.
   I say now lerni questions for this I offer the solution
        to follow me, melejoni to tell you how this is done first log in to your account

              see figure

Standard, blogger of a page of a blog is to create a special compared to other bloggers, blogger answer is that a blog can be very dear to all visitors.
      and access to a blog the perfect dog is here,
          Now to explain the

     "Static pages on Blogger are intended to be used for information and reference that vary,
which you do not want to be a regular part of your blog So you want users to have easy access to. "

 look screnshot No. 2

Follow these steps to set your posts to various sites

1 Add Categories
Categorizing your posts by adding labels to them.

It's your choice whether to add labels for all posts, or only those that you want to appear in "Related" special.

2. Make a "look alike page" menu bar:
There are (at least) three ways to do this - as described below.

When first implemented Blogger static sites that may link to websites, I suggest choosing which ever option
fitting your blog better. But now, because of the growing importance of mobile templates, I recommend Option c)
  because wage-mentioned tool is the only mobile phone that automatically displays templates.

 a) with a label you Etikitoni the offspring or names for your site:
     Use common method add-a-tool to put a label tool in the place where you will put the Pages gadget if you wanted to make a horizontal menu bar with.

     If your site has some label that you do not want to have "pages" for, then set it to only show some of your label:

 b) With a great Linked-list:
     Use common method add-a-tool to put a great Link-list, where you will put the Pages gadget if you wanted to make a horizontal menu bar with.
     Add a link in the list for each label that you want a "page" for. HTML to use for each value is Label

     http: // YOUR-BLOG-URL / search / label / THE-LABEL-NAME

     You can also add other items (eg individual posts, or even static "pages" Bllogger, if you really must have them - see why I do not like them!) - See the menu bar at the top of this page for an example of this.

 c) With a great Pages:
     Use common method add-a-tool to put a similar gadget menu in the bar area. (You can do this even if you have not created any pages content).

     While you're editing Pages gadget has a + Add Page Link option.

 Click on this, and add a note as described above in one gadget Linked-list option, and

          text that you want in your menu bar in the title Page
         Search Tags command in the Web address field.

 3 Optional: Deal with home-page

If you do not want your messages to appear on the "home page" was the theme pages, then there are two possibilities:

     Use a similar technique with a great showing on only for not
  Blog Posts gadget shown on the homepage.

     In this case, the condition to use it! Spot == =)

     If you do try this, then I strongly recommend that you consider
different options for giving your blog a home page, and make sure you know the pitfalls of editing your template.

now see the result in the figure below
  or direkt in page

teamplatet some blogger should be edited in notepad file "teamplate.xml" and adjusted menus
   if you feel that I have helped in this tutorial please leave a comment and shared with your friends

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